Requirements to Renew a Maine Water Operator License

While licensed Maine water operators used to have a grace period when it came to their renewal, a new Water System Operators Licensing Rule changed things. That means you need to get your renewal to-dos knocked out before your license expires or you’ll have to pay the $50 reinstatement fee. 

Renewing a Maine water operator license isn’t overly complicated, but the Board of Licensure of Water System Operators does require some specific steps. To make sure you’re in the know about everything required to keep your operator license active, use this guide.  

Comply with the code of ethics

Water operators in Maine have to comply with the state’s Code of Ethics. It pretty much says that you’ll be fair and honest on the job, not work past your license level, and keep your business dealings above board. 

If anyone thinks you’re not aligning with the Code of Ethics, they can submit a complaint form to the Board, which could lead to a license suspension or revocation. So it’s worth reviewing that Code and making sure you’re not doing anything overtly out of line. 

Take the right number of training contact hours

While other states call it continuing education, Maine calls this renewal requirement training contact hours (TCHs). Basically, it’s their way of making sure that water operators are staying informed about any regulatory changes and best practices in the industry.

The number of TCHs you need for renewal depends on your license level (and specific courses for each are linked below):

  • 6 hours for Very Small Water System (VSWS) operators
  • 12 hours for Class I operators
  • 18 hours for Class II operators
  • 24 hours for Class III and Class IV operators

The nice thing about Maine water operator TCHs is that you can take them online. That means you can take an hour here and there whenever you have time, and you can do it from any location provided you have an internet-connected phone, tablet, or computer.  

You can take the hours you need at any point during the two-year renewal cycle. The state keeps a record of TCHs by operator license number. To check how many hours you have so far in this cycle, look yourself up on this PDF

Complete the renewal application

You have two options for sending in the renewal application. First, you can mail it in. Just make sure it’s postmarked by December 31. You should get a renewal form in the mail sometime in November. If you need to update your mailing address with the state, you can send an email to dwplicensing.dhhs@maine.gov.

Alternatively, the state now offers an online renewal service. You’ll need your license number and active certificate number to get started. You can find both on your full-size license certificate. 

Renewing your license costs $75, which you’ll pay as part of the renewal application. 

Get everything in on time

Water operator licenses in Maine expire on December 31 every two years. Your two-year renewal period starts from the date you got your license, so check it to figure out when your renewal is due. 

Then, mark your calendar to make sure you have ample time to get your TCHs done and all your paperwork submitted before your license has expired.