How To Renew Your Florida Water Distribution License

If you’re a water distribution system operator in Florida, you went through a fair bit of work to get your license from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). Now that you’re in their Operator Certification Program (OCP), you want to make sure you stay there. And that means renewing your Florida water distribution license periodically. 

It’s an extra to-do, sure, but it shouldn’t be too taxing. In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to renew your Florida water distribution license. Here’s your step-by-step FDEP water operator license renewal. 

Step 1: Get your renewal notice in the mail

As a participant in the OCP, you should get a courtesy renewal reminder 90 days before your license expires. Keep an eye on your mailbox. Since all FDEP water licensees need to renew on April 30 of every odd-numbered year, that means you should get something in the mail in early February.

Don’t assume that no renewal notice means you’re off the hook, though. Even if your renewal notice doesn’t come, your renewal is still required to maintain your Florida water distribution license Active Status. 

To that end, it can be helpful to mark a date on your calendar in early March of every odd-numbered year. That way, you can get a jumpstart on your renewal with plenty of time to complete the required steps. 

Step 2: Take the required continuing education units (CEUs)

All individuals with a Florida water distribution license — i.e., Level 1 through Level 4 — are required to take .5 CEUs for their FDEP water operator license renewal. That means you just need five hours of approved continuing education to renew. 

You can even take these CEUs online. With on-demand, online education, you can complete the units you need from your computer, tablet, or phone whenever your schedule allows. 

Step 3: Submit the required renewal fee

You can consider yourself lucky. The FDEP water operator license renewal process is much more straightforward than in many other states and for many other license types. While other renewals might require enrollment in an online system or a lengthy renewal application, all you need to do is send in the renewal fee. 

When you do, you confirm that you’re in compliance with FDEP requirements. That means you’re basically telling them you’ve completed your CEUs. Don’t fudge this. You’ll be subject to disciplinary action or criminal prosecution if you send in your fee without staying in compliance with FDEP requirements and they find out. 

To renew your Florida water distribution license every two years, the fee is $50 for all levels. If you wait until after your license expiration date, you’ll pay $150 for being tardy. 

Ultimately, the FDEP water operator license renewal is fairly easy. Just make sure you don’t miss the deadline. Knock out your five hours of continuing education and send in your fee and you’ll have no issues maintaining your Active Status for your Florida water distribution license. 

If you want to learn more about the renewal process, check out the FDEP’s page on the subject. At the bottom of that page, they provide contact info should you have any questions.