NM Disinfection - 2.5 Hours

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This course will fulfill 2.5 of your required hours for New Mexico water operators.

This course will provide an overview of disinfection as a water treatment process. Students will learn about:

  • The history of disinfection as a water treatment - Discover how disinfectants have been used in water treatment in the past, and how regulations have come to govern the use of disinfectants in the present
  • Factors influencing disinfection - Uncover how certain factors, such as the number and location of microorganisms, their natural resistances, and their concentration and potency affect the effectiveness of disinfectants.
  • Types of disinfectants - Explore various types of disinfectants used in the water treatment process, including chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, ozone, and chloramines.
  • Proper chlorine dosing - Chlorine is the most common disinfectant used in water treatment systems. Learn about effective and safe dosing.
  • Approved By: New Mexico Environment Department

Instructor Bio

tony goff water tech instructor atyourpaceonline

Tony Goff, holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Law and has over twenty years of experience in the water industry. Tony holds an upper management position with a large water district in Southern California. Tony is a Subject Matter Expert in the field of drinking water distribution and holds a treatment 5 certificate and a distribution 5 certificate.

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11 Reviews
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    my first online course and i enjoyed it.

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