GA 12 Point Continuing Education Package

  • 24 Hour Course
  • 4.8 60 Reviews
  • $309.00

The Georgia 12-Point Continuing Education Package is designed specifically for Class 3 licensees. In this highly detailed and comprehensive package, we dive deeply into a variety of critical issues such as:

  • Sedimentation and Filtration
  • Disinfection
  • Corrosion Control, and
  • Advanced Oxidation and UV Disinfection

Additionally, in this special 12-point package, we include an in-depth look into Membrane Processes, Pipelines, and Storage Tank Facilities, as well as provide detailed discussions covering Basic Electrical Concepts and Groundwater Wells. Plus, we'll take time to cover other significant areas of water treatment and management, including:

  • Meters, Valves and Hydrants
  • Distribution System Water Quality Issues
  • Pumps and Motors

So, check into it today and begin (and complete) your license renewal with At Your Pace Online.

Courses and Approval IDs:

  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0004 Sedimentation and Filtration 1 W
  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0005 Disinfection 1 W
  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0006 Advanced Oxidation and UV Disinfection 1 W
  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0007 Membrane Processes 1 W
  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0008 Corrosion Control 1 W
  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0010 Pipelines 1 W
  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0011 Meters, Valves and Hydrants 1 W
  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0012 Pumps and Motors 1 W
  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0013 Storage Tank Facilities 1 W
  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0014 Basic Electrical Concepts 1 W
  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0015 Distribution System Water Quality Issues 1 W
  • CE-1-W-1221-AYOP-013124-0016 Groundwater Wells   1 W
  • Approved By: Georgia State Board of Examiners for Certification of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Laboratory Analysts.

Instructor Bio

tony goff water tech instructor atyourpaceonline

Tony Goff, holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Law and has over twenty years of experience in the water industry. Tony holds an upper management position with a large water district in Southern California. Tony is a Subject Matter Expert in the field of drinking water distribution and holds a treatment 5 certificate and a distribution 5 certificate.

Course Reviews

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