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2 Hour Course

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This course will fulfill 2 of your required hours for California water operators.

This course will provide a basic understanding of storage tank facilities. Students who take this course will learn about:

  • Regulations - Understand the rules and regulations that govern storage tank facilities, includes those pertaining to required features, construction, and use.
  • Water Demand - learn the basics of how water demand will affect a storage tank facility.
  • Operation - Uncover the components necessary to maintain operation of a storage tank facility.
  • Maintenance - Explore methods of maintaining storage tank facilities to ensure longevity and smooth operation of the facilities to time to come.
    • Storage Tank Facilities [6 Activities]
      • 01. Introduction Video
      • 02. Storage Tank Facilities Introduction video
      • 03. Storage Tanks Part 1
      • 04. Storage Tank Water Quality Issues Video
      • 05. Storage Tanks Part 2
      • 06. Storage Tank Facilities Conclusion Video
    • Mandatory Questionnaire
    • Certificate of Achievement

Instructor Bio

tony goff water tech instructor atyourpaceonline
Tony Goff, holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Law and has over twenty years of experience in the water industry. Tony holds an upper management position with a large water district in Southern California. Tony is a Subject Matter Expert in the field of drinking water distribution and holds a treatment 5 certificate and a distribution 5 certificate.

Course Reviews

September 16th, 2019
really good stuff

March 31st, 2019
Clear and helpful course. Thank you!

January 9th, 2019

January 4th, 2019
Very beneficial, I,m grateful to have found out about your services .

December 21st, 2018
The information was clear concise and well delivered.

September 22nd, 2018
Great informative ideas. Lots of coverage

July 13th, 2018
Very informative with lots of details!

June 28th, 2018
This course was excellent and I enjoyed being able to do it online.

June 11th, 2018
great course.

April 23rd, 2018
Helpful course

April 6th, 2018
i enjoyed the quality of the content. i appreciated how much info was given in this course

February 27th, 2018
Clear, informative, professional, well done

February 16th, 2018
This was an excellent session

February 13th, 2018

January 27th, 2018
Another Good Class, easy to understand and informative.

December 7th, 2017
easy to use and informative

December 6th, 2017

August 25th, 2017

August 18th, 2017
Pictures embedded in reading material should have captioins.

May 22nd, 2019
Concise and informative.

May 25th, 2018
Possibly, more time or even another section of this course could deal with the actual structural requirements of AWWA and State Water Resources. Discuss in a bit more detail configurations of air gap over flow setups. Overflow flapper or "duckbill" heights above ground, and the reason why these regulations are employed. Screening and the requirements of the mesh size on both vents and interior or exterior overflow setups.

January 29th, 2018
Easy to follow

September 18th, 2017
It could be more in-depth regarding clear-well storage and the like.

September 6th, 2019

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