24-Hour Package for Wastewater Operators

  • 24 Hour Course
  • $239.00

Save with our 24-Hour Package for Wastewater Operators. This package includes the following courses:

  • Wastewater Treatment Processes
  • Maintaining Wastewater Equipment
  • Pumps: Part 1
  • Pumps: Part 2
  • Introduction to Water Technology

This course is approved for WASTEWATER OPERATORS only. 

  • Approved By: Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Instructor Bio

Ralph Stevens

Ralph Stevens is a water Subject Matter Expert, licensed in California, Nevada and Arizona as a Grade 3 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator. Ralph has worked in wastewater for almost 50 years, starting as an operator in a wastewater treatment plant and serving most recently as the Maintenance Reliability Supervisor for the Clark County Water Reclamation District. He is a certified Class Trainer for the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) and has served as the Operations and Maintenance Chairperson for the same organization. He has won a number of awards for his work, including CWEA Electrical and Instrumentation Person of the Year (2015), Safety Plant of the Year (2017), and the WEF Burke Safety Award (2019). Ralph goes out of his way to help and protect staff and the environment.