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Top-Selling Water Operator Courses

6-Hour Package for Wastewater Operators


Save with our 6-Hour Package for Wastewater Operators. This package includes:

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Maintaining Wastewater Equipment

This course is approved for WASTEWATER OPERATORS only.

CA 16-Hour Package for Level 2 Operators


Save with this 16-hour package for Level 2 Operators. Included courses are:

  • Pumps: Part 1
  • Pumps: Part 2
  • Introduction to Water Technology
  • Fluid Mechanics

These courses are approved for DRINKING WATER and DISTRIBUTION OPERATORS only.

6-Hour Package for Drinking Water Operators


Save with our 6-Hour Package for Drinking Water Operators. This package includes the following courses:

  • Pumps: Part 1
  • Fluid Mechanics

This course is approved for DRINKING WATER OPERATORS only.

VA 5 Hour Water Utility Management Course


This course provides the 5 hours of continuing education on utility management required to renew a Class 1 or Class 2 water operator's license in Virginia. The class covers two of the seven approved topics that satisfies this requirement: Waterworks Management & Security and Safety Procedures, and is intended to enhance the student's ability to apply enlightened and effective management techniques, prepare and Implement a risk management plan; identify workplace hazards; respond to workplace injuries and illnesses, and to foster a culture of safety able to identify and mitigate hazards at water/wastewater treatment plants.